Canal Pride Parade

Head out on the water during Canal Pride Parade and take a front-row position to view the parade.

Every year the first weekend of August is dedicated to the Pride in Amsterdam, and the highlight is the Canal Parade on Saturday.
The boats head out to Oosterdok from Westerdok, via Prinsengracht, the Amstel and Oudeschans.
Our boats can only be rented for a full day during Canal Pride Parade. Rent our electric boats and enjoy the parade from up close!

Rate for 2023

To rent a boat for the entire day the price is € 675,-, and includes a permit to dock along the Canal Parade. Maximum number of passengers allowed on the boat is 12. Members of Sloepdelen pay € 575,- also including the permit. As we already have had many requests to rent a boat on that day, our advice is not to wait too long to reserve your boat, you can do so through our reservation system!