Sailing your own boat
through Zwolle

Rent a boat in Zwolle

Cruise yourself through the capital of Overijssel and discover the Hanseatic city from the water. With a medieval ring of canals and the Thorbeckegracht, Zwolle lends itself as an ideal city for an idyllic cruise.

  • Central docking location
  • Boating license is not needed
  • 12 persons per boat
  • € 50,00 per hour, members enjoy up to 45% discount
  • Easy online reservation
  • Minimal rent of 2 hours
  • Use your phone to activate the boat
  • Experience is not required
  • Bring your own food and drinks

Renting a boat from Sloepdelen is easy

You can rent a boat within minutes by using our online reservation system. Book your boat and go directly to the dock for a great experience in Utrecht.

Reserve online

Easily book your boat through our online reservation system. You will immediately receive the instructions on how to start your boat.

Start the boat

Before departure you will receive an activation link through SMS, which gives you the possibility to start the boat.

Go out on the water!

Explore the canals of Utrecht yourself, 100% electric. The boats are very easy to drive and no license is required.

Our rates in Zwolle

During 2024 you enjoy a special rate of EUR 50 per hour

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Rate per hour
Book now
€ 60.00 + € 150.00 deposit
Sloepdelen member
Off-peak hours
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€ 27.50
€ 37.50

Discover the boat

Beautiful tours in Zwolle

Sailing through Zwolle’s ring of canals is a wonderful way to discover the Hanseatic city. On your own boat you sail right through the heart of the city through the Thorbeckegracht and spot the famous Pelserbrugje! Get lost? You don’t have to be afraid of that in Zwolle. The city canal envelops the unique inner city and will automatically lead you to the most beautiful spots.


During the city tour you will discover the centuries-old City Canal and the idyllic Thorbeckegracht. You really take a trip through time and experience the city in a completely new way. This cruise takes at least 2 hours and is absolutely worth it. Tip: spot the iconic Pelser Bridge on the Thorbeckegracht!


With the Zwartewaterroute you will discover nature outside the inner city in a trip of at least 4 hours. You sail along the Zwartewater in no time to the nearby city of Hasselt! Experience a sense of tranquility and enjoy the beautiful nature along the Zwartewater. Enjoy a cup of coffee in Hasselt and sail back at your leisure!

Overijsselse Vechtroute

If you want to enjoy peace and quiet, take your time and go for the Overijssel Vecht Route. Sail up the Overijsselse Vecht via the new Vecht and admire the pristine nature along its banks. This is a trip you won’t forget soon! For this trip on the Overijsselse Vecht you need at least 4 hours. A free tip: keep in mind of the current!

Map with tips for your trip to Zwolle

The highlights!

You will find some unique views during your sailing tour in Zwolle. Explore the city and the surrounding nature. We’ve captured the best highlights down below.


The Sassenpoort in Zwolle’s city wall is a city gate that was built in the late 14th and early 15th centuries as part of the city defense works!


The Thorbeckegracht has been a paragon of liveliness for two centuries. On the quay in front of the houses, various warehouses were always busy unloading and loading!

Museum de Fundatie

Museum de Fundatie owns and manages an extensive collection of fine art. Collection and exhibitions can be seen at two locations: Kasteel het Nijenhuis with sculpture garden in Heino/Wijhe and…


The Zwolle Canals surrounding the city center have existed for more than 700 years. As a result, the canal and the buildings surrounding it have a rich history!

De Librije

Jonnie and Thérèse Boer’s restaurant has had three Michelin stars since 2004. They started in the former library (Librije) of the Dominican monastery complex. In 2015, the restaurant moved to…

De Watertoren

This tower has a dual appearance. In 1959, a girl was fatally struck by a falling stone coming from the water tower. After this, it was decided to surround the…


The origin of the Zwartewater River is in Zwolle, where it arises from the Soestwetering and Nieuwe Wetering rivers. The river flows into the Zwarte Meer and leads you to…


The Hofvliet was where sandstone was stored from Germany during the Hanseatic period. The villa was built on this site in the late 1920s. After the striking building stood empty…

Overijsselse Vecht

The Overijssel Vecht is a rainwater river that originated in the German Münsterland region. The Vecht is 167 kilometers long of which 60 kilometers flow through the Netherlands. The river…

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Rent a boat in Zwolle and experience an unforgettable day

A day sailing by yourself in a boat through Zwolle in the company of friends, colleagues or family is a unique experience. Enjoy the surroundings and the freedom of sailing independently through the authentic Zwolle city center. Our jetty is easy to reach by car and public transport. So book your own boat directly at boat rental Zwolle. For an overview of all events that are organized in the area, take a look at the page of ‘Visit Zwolle’.

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