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World famous for its breathtaking canals. The main canals already have a length of 12.5 kilometres and include 80 bridges.

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Mauritskade 3
+31 20 41 91 007 amsterdam@sloepdelen.nl
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Named the most beautiful canal city of Europe! The canal wharves and cellars are unique in the world.

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+31 30 71 16 200 utrecht@sloepdelen.nl
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Experience Rembrandt’s city from the water! The canals measure an incredible 28 kilometres and feature 88 bridges!

Address & contact

Boommarkt 8
+31 71 31 10 333 leiden@sloepdelen.nl
Image for Haarlem


Not yet as overrun by tourists as Amsterdam, but at least as beautiful. Enough time? Head into the waters of the beautiful surroundings.

Address & contact

Schotersingel 2
+31 23 71 00 051 haarlem@sloepdelen.nl
Image for Loosdrecht


Want to rent your own boat on the dutch lakes? Our starting point at Loosdrecht is the place for you!

Address & contact

Oud-loosdrechtsedijk 253
+31 20 41 91 007 amsterdam@sloepdelen.nl
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Rent a boat on the lovely Vecht in Weesp! Enjoy the perfect day on the water with your very own electric boat

Address & contact

Dammerweg 6A, weesp
+31 20 41 91 007 weesp@sloepdelen.nl
Image for Huizen


Het Gooimeer: prachtig vaarwater. Op het Gooimeer is veel ruimte voor recreatie, zo kan er worden gevaren en gezwommen. Rond het meer liggen Almere Haven, Huizen en Naarden.

Address & contact

Mastspoor 1- Huizen
+31 20 41 91 007 huizen@sloepdelen.nl
jongen vaart in gehuurde sloep door Utrecht