Rent a boat in Amsterdam on Kingsday (Saturday April 26, 2025)

Cruise through the orange-coloured canals of Amsterdam or Utrecht on King’s Day!

King’s Day is one of the largest and most festive public holidays in the Netherlands.  The entire country celebrates Kings Day and around 800,000 visitors head to Amsterdam. A sea of orange floods the city. It is as crowded in the streets as on most canals, because what could be more fun than to head out on the canals with your friends, family or colleagues? Check these images to convince yourself  to be in Amsterdam on Kings Day! 

Rates for 2025 (Be advised, King’s Day 2025 will be on Saturday April 26)

In Amsterdam it is only possible to rent a boat for the entire day, at a rate of € 750 (members pay € 625). For this day we advise you to inform/book early, you can book for all locations through our reservation system. For Utrecht a 25% additional fee is required between 12:00 and 18:00.

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