Rent a boat on the Vecht!
with Sloepdelen Weesp

Boat Rental Vecht

Rent one of our boats on the Vecht and sail the waters of the Vecht all the way through the heart of Weesp, Muiden or  Loenen aan de Vecht.

  • Free parking
  • Well suited for 12 persons
  • No sailing license required
  • €60 per hour, €37.50 / hour for our members
  • Electric boat, battery up to 15 hours
  • Boat can be activated with your phone
  • Minimal sail duration of 2 hours
  • Easy to steer and lots of fun!
  • Located directly on the Vecht

Renting a boat with Sloepdelen Vecht takes less than a minute!

With Sloepdelen it’s easy to enjoy the lovely waters of the Vecht. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to make a reservation within a minute.

Online reservation

Rent the boat through our website. You will receive a confirmation and sailing instruction within seconds.

Start the boat

Before departure you will receive an activation link through SMS, which gives you the possibility to start the boat.

Go out on the water!

Explore the Vecht with Sloepdelen. 100% electric, easy to steer and no license required!

Rent a boat on the Vecht near Weesp

Looking for the true Dutch experience? Then you should absolutely take a boat trip on the Vecht! Enjoy a lovely day on the water surrounded by the typical Dutch windmills and old cities. Whether it’s just for two hours or for an entire day, you’re certain to have a great time!

Where to find your boat near the Vecht

Finding the boat won’t be difficult. Our boats are located directly next to the Vecht. Parking is free at Restaurant Faa Faet. From the parking location at the Dammerweg 6 it’s not even a minute of walking to the boats.

Questions about boat rental the Vecht?

You can always give us a call! Most of the answers can be found at our FAQ, but do feel free to contact us anytime. We’re available for your questions everyday from 10:00 till 18:00. Besides our boat rental near the Vecht, we offer our boats in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, Loosdrecht, Huizen and Leiden.

Frequently asked questions

Explore the boat

Our XL sloops come with a canopy, swim ladder, and sun deck. Perfect for a comfortable and relaxed boating experience. Spacious and accommodating, they can hold up to 12 people.

Sailing routes the Vecht

Sailing on the Vecht with your very own boat through the city center of Weesp. An amazing way to enjoy a lovely day on the water! The boat offers a unique perspective on the Dutch landscape. Whether you’re going for a quick trip of just two hours, or for a longer sail combined with a swim; it’s all possible and up to you! As the captain you set sail for your own adventure.

Tips from Sloepdelen along the Vecht

Highlights boat rental the Vecht

Go for a lovely sail with Sloepdelen on the Vecht. With the quiet electric boats you’re certain to fully relax and have a great time! Want to experience some of the fun beforehand? We summarized a few of the unique characteristics of the Vecht for you!

Free parking

Free parking at the dock at restaurant Faa Fae Faet!

De Vecht

The 42km river is one of the most beautiful rivers of the Netherlands!


The old city of Weesp, part of the Dutch water defense line and rich in it’s history!


There’s plenty to do on the Vecht. Sailors, sloops, yachts and swimmers.


Sail right into the city heart of Muiden with it’s lovely cafes and restaurants.


Consider going for a short stop at the city of Nigtevecht.


As an old merchantcity, Vreeland offers a unique perspective on history.

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