Our boats

We currently have 55 boats moored in different cities in the Netherlands. They work on electricity and can operate for up to 14 hours on a full battery.

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All of our boats operate on electricity, which means they don’t generate any direct CO2 emissions. In addition, the electric engines make our sloops very quiet and they hardly create any waves at all.

Our fleet

Sloepdelen’s fleet currently consists of 44 identical boats, divided over the cities of Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht and Haarlem.

The sloops are Kranerweerd models and are built of extremely thick aluminium, making them very sturdy. They have room for 12 people and can operate for up to 14 hours on a full battery, at a maximum speed of 6 km per hour.

TheBoatConstructorsThe Boat Constructors

We also work on building new boats during the year. We go about this under the name of ‘The Boat Constructors’. Apart from the assembly work, we also maintain our own fleet and give the boats a fresh coat of paint once in a while.