Vechtroute: 5 hours

Rent a boat for a full Loosdrecht experience

Rent a boat with Sloepdelen and sail the Vecht, Loosdrechtse plassen and the canal of Hilversum. With this 5 hour sail you will enjoy a beautiful day of sailing!

Rent your very own boat with Sloepdelen and turn the day into one you will never forget. This route takes you all around the lakes of Loosdrecht in about 5 hours. Since there are three locks on the way, the sailing time is an estimate. Make sure to check the opening hours of the locks before sailing. With a battery life of 15 hours, our boats are ready to take you on this beautiful adventure!

Your very own boat with Sloepdelen

Short route: 2 hours

two hour sail through the northern parts of the Loosdrechtse plassen. If you want to get some fresh air ánd enjoy the beautiful small hidden waterway of the Muyeveldse Wetering, this might be the right route for you! During this route, we will show you a few of the characteristic islands of the lakes, the hidden green of the amazing Muyeveldse wetering and the small connecting waterway of the Drecht.

Islands route: 3 hours

During this three hour sail, you’ll explore all the islands the lakes have to offer. The islands offer the perfect opportunity for a quick swim, a relaxing drink or a place to rest in the sun for a bit. Since the environment is absolutely beautiful, we suggest taking this route through the unique ”trekgaten”, very long and small islands, and the Muyeveldse Wetering. After this sail, you’ll return to the dock fully relaxed with a beautiful tan.