Islands route: 3 hours

Explore the islands on your own Sloepdelen boat

Rent your own small boat in Loosdrecht with Sloepdelen. In 3 hours time, you’ll sail past all the islands of the Loosdrechtse Plassen with some spare time for visiting one of the small restaurants or swimming.

With your very own small boat from Sloepdelen, you’ll be able to sail the Loosdrechtse plassen. This route is for those who want to get some fresh air on the open lake in a slow pace, swim for a bit or get a drink somewhere and enjoy a peaceful day. In 3 hours, we will show you all the best locations the Loosdrechtse plassen have to offer!

Take a look at the boat

Tips from Sloepdelen Loosdrecht

Does this not sound like the right route for you? Don’t worry! Take a look at the other routes we suggest, or sail away on the waters yourself and explore them yourself. The best part about being your own captain is the freedom that comes with it. Please make sure to respect all sailing regulations and enjoy your trip!

Short route: 3 hours

A two hour sail through the northern parts of the Loosdrechtse plassen. If you want to get some fresh air ánd enjoy the beautiful small hidden waterway of the Muyeveldse Wetering, this might be the right route for you! During this route, we will show you a few of the characteristic islands of the lakes, the hidden green of the amazing Muyeveldse wetering and the small connecting waterway of the Drecht.

Vecht and Wijdemeren route: 5 hours

Go on our five hour route if you want to fully experience the waterways around Loosdrecht. This route takes you all around the Loosdrechtse plassen and over the beautiful waterway of the Vecht. During this sail you will pass all the islands of the lakes, find the best hidden spots and have some spare time left for a swim or something to drink. Due to 3 locks, the sailing time of 5 hours is an estimate.