About Sloepdelen

Sloepdelen started by renting out electric boats in Amsterdam in 2007. A few years later, the activities expanded to Leiden, Utrecht, Haarlem, Weesp and Loosdrecht.

Large investments have been made over the years in the boats, the maintenance and the user experience. A fixed service and maintenance partner was recruited due to the scale increases over the past 5 years. In addition, Sloepdelen now employs more than 10 individuals. During these expansions, Sloepdelen also took a booking system into use, developed in-house, which is constantly improved and optimised.

All in all, Sloepdelen has grown significantly over the years, and with the increased capacity and extra staff we can do even more for our members. Apart from individual rentals, we also cater for events in a few cities.

Our main priority is for our clients to be able to enjoy themselves in our electric boats, without any worries.

Three partner companies help us with our additional activities:

Sloep Huren Utrecht

We’ve been arranging boat trips in and around Utrecht since 2006. During the sight-seeing trip, on of our skippers will guide you over the canal in one of our three large boats. We have been enjoying the groups of people coming for boat trips for many years!


Let’s Book

Let’s Book is the booking system for our website. We developed this in conjunction with Studio Sugarfree, and we now offer the software to other rental firms.

boat constructors

The Boat Constructors

After a full season in service, the boats deserve some proper maintenance. The Boat Constructors is the company that does this for us, in a warehouse in Aalsmeer. Here they can service and paint 3 to 4 sloops at the same time, so they will be in top condition for the start of the new boating season!