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We’ve listed highlights and other useful points of interest on our site for you!

When you head to the location page of Amsterdam,  UtrechtLeiden or Haarlem you can find a map which contains places of interest. You can easily find e.g. :  locations of supermarkets to stock up on supplies, cool bars worth visiting by boat and we’ve listed toilets for when the need is high. City highlights are also indicated on the map so you can find them easily.

Whether you have been living in one of these cities for many years, or just visiting. On the water you will experience the most beautifull canal cities of the Netherlands in a completely different way.

Have fun on the water!


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Boat trip Amsterdam

The best day on the water with a Boat trip in Amsterdam with Sloepdelen! Looking for the perfect things to do in Amsterdam? A boat trip through the unique canals is definitely what your looking for. The world famous capital of the Netherlands is known for it’s network of canals which can all be sailed on one of our boats (no boating license needed)! To make sure you find the best spots in the city and that you won’t get…
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Opening new canal Utrecht

A new way to experience the canals of Utrecht! After almost 50 years, the Catharijnesingel is once again filled with water and the outer waterways of Utrecht are connected. Sail the canals of Utrecht with your own Whisper boat from Sloepdelen and experience the unique canals of Utrecht. With the expantion of the Zocherpark, which goes all around the outside of Utrecht, the new waterway offers a green surrounding with a very relaxed vibe. Rent your very own boat for…
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Whisper boat rental

Rent your very own whisper boat with Sloepdelen Want to traverse the most beautiful canals and lakes of the Netherlands? Explore them on your very own whisper boat from Sloepdelen! The boats offer a peaceful way to explore the waters around our locations without being a nuisance to the locals. Since our boats are fully electric, you won’t have to deal with any diesel fumes or any engine related noices. Since we build all of our boats ourselves in our…
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