Rent a boat in Huizen
sail on the Gooimeer!

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Rent a boat in Huizen

Rent one of our boats in Huizen and sail on the big lake ‘het Gooimeer’. Wind in your hair, sun on your face: enjoy the wide views of this beautiful location!

  • Free parking at Fletcher Hotel Nautisch kwartier
  • Luxury boat, well suited for 12 persons
  • No sailing license required
  • Rent for €65,- per hour, €42,50 for our members
  • Elektric boat, 14 hours non-stop sailing
  • Start the boat easily with your own mobile phone
  • Enjoy a sailing tour of 2 hours or longer
  • Easy to steer and lot of fun!
  • Located directly on the lake

Renting a boat with Sloepdelen Huizen takes under a minute!

 With Sloepdelen it’s easy to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Huizen. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to make a reservation within a minute.

Online reservation

Rent te boat through our website. You will receive a confirmation and sailing instruction within seconds.

Start the boat

15 minutes before departure you will receive an activation link through SMS, which gives you the possibility to start the boat.

Explore the lake!

Easy to steer, 100% elektric, ready for a beautiful day!

Rent a boat on the Gooimeer.

Do you want to explore the Gooimeer with your own friends and family? Invite them all on board and enjoy a wonderful day on the water. The wide views and wind in your hair will make it a relaxing experience. Book now and hop on board: ready when you are!

Where to find your boat in Huizen

Finding the boat is easy! Directly next to Fletcher Hotel Nautisch Kwartier. Parking here (Mastspoor 1) is free. Walk to the frontside of the Hotel and there you see our boats and jetty. Arrived to early? Order a coffee or cold drink at the hotel It’s even possible to order drinks or bites to take with you on board!

Questions about boat rental Huizen?

You can always give us a call! Most of the answers can be found at our FAQ, but do feel free to contact us anytime. We’re available for your questions everyday from 10:00 till 18:00. Besides our boat rental in Huizen, we offer our boats in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, Loosdrecht, Weesp and Leiden.

Frequently asked questions

XL lounge Sloepen
in Huizen

These boats are new at the Sloepdelen fleet. They have a sunroof and a spacious sundeck. Perfect for a comfortable and relaxing day on the water.

Sailing area Huizen / Gooimeer

Sailing on the Gooimeer is a wonderful way to get some fresh air. This unique region is diverse and wide. Swimming at one of the islands or sailing to the port of Almere: lots to do and lots to see! From the parking (free) you just hop on board and sail away directly. We provide you with a sailing map with the fairways, beautiful islands and shallow waters. Have a wonderful day!

Highlights bootverhuur Huizen

Sailing on the Gooimeer is a unique experience you won’t forget. The lake has a lot of wide views, beautiful nature and you will meet a lot of other skippers, surfers and sailers on the way. To make sure you will see the best spots, we made a list of highlights for our location in Huizen.

Sail away!

Free parking at Fletcher Hotel Nautisch Kwartier directly located to the jetty and the lake!

Discover the islands

The islands are only reachable by boat and are perfect for a well deserved break on a beautiful day on the water.

Island Huizerhoef

This island in the middle of the lake gives you wonderful wide views on the total lake. On the other side of the island you’ll have a good view on…

Water sports

On the Gooimeer there is a lot to see under way: sailing boats, surfers, kite-surfers, super fast boats: wave when you see one!

Port of Almere

Booked a sailingtour for 3 hours or longer? Discover the port of Almere!

Island de Schelp

Near the village ‘Naarden’ is an Island called ‘de Schelp’. Ideal to stretch your legs or  to enjoy a lovely picknick.

Port of Naarden

Lots to see at the Harbour of Naarden. Enjoy a good lunch or snack at the restaurant or cruise along the luxury houses.

Enjoy the terrace

Moored the boat? Enjoy the sun on the terrace of the Fletcher Hotel Nautisch Kwartier: coffee or a cold drink, lunch, snacks and appetizers. Also dining is a possibility to…

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Winter Sale at the Elandsgracht dock!

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Hibernating locations

Don’t worry, Amsterdam will remain open! From November 1, our sloops will be back in their winter storage to get ready for a great new high season in 2023! Huizen and Loosdrecht are already in hibernation. In Utrecht, Leiden and Haarlem you can enjoy the autumn scenes on the water until 1 November. So book your trip quickly at one of these locations! Sailing in the festive month of December or usher in the new year in January? Don’t worry,…
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