Boat trip Amsterdam

The best day on the water with a Boat trip in Amsterdam with Sloepdelen!

Looking for the perfect things to do in Amsterdam? A boat trip through the unique canals is definitely what your looking for. The world famous capital of the Netherlands is known for it’s network of canals which can all be sailed on one of our boats (no boating license needed)! To make sure you find the best spots in the city and that you won’t get lost, we set out a few of the most beautiful routes for your boat trip through Amsterdam. Would you rather explore the city yourself? Than you’re free to do so as well!

Boat trip Amsterdam 2 hours

During a two hour sail through the canals around the city centre, you get to see the heart of the city. The perfect route if you’re on a bit of a schedule, but wish to experience the best way to explore Amsterdam.

Boat Trip Amsterdam 3 hours

We suggest our three our route through Amsterdam, which offers time to explore the city centre in a relaxing manner.

Boottocht Amsterdam van 4 uur

Want to see more of the city and it’s surroundings? Take a look at this sailing route. A combination of the city’s highlights, combined with a bit of the surroundings of Amsterdam. Wish to extend your boat trip in Amsterdam for an even longer duration? Feel free to go onto the Amstel canal and go as far as you please. Please do make sure to return to the dock in time.

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We’re open again!

Yes! After a short stop during the winter, we’re ready to sail once again! Starting this february the 20th it will be possible to sail on one of our boats again! With the exception of Utrecht and Loosdrecht, which will be reopened at a later date, all of our locations will be available again. Due to the current situation we are constantly adapting our measures in order to ensure a safe sail for everyone. Our current Covid-19 measures can be…
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Winter maintenance Sloepdelen

Ever wondered how we keep our boats in such great condition? Though most of our business takes place during summer, we at Sloepdelen work all winter to ensure the perfect day on the water. Due to the early closure of our locations we managed to get some extra time for the maintanance of our fleet. After sailing for a full season, our boats deserve a proper cleaning. Our company ”The boat constructers” does this for us in their very own…
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Autumn begins

Boat trip with Sloepdelen in Autumn? Autumn has begun, which means a completely new environment to sail through! With the now quiet waterways and the leaves on the trees changing colour, there’s plenty to explore. Looking for a way to get out of the house for some fresh air in a safe environment? Our boats offer the perfect sail during these autumn days. Our location at the Mauritiskade will remain open during the entire year, which in turn means you’ll…
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