Prinsengrachtconcert 2016

On saturday the 20th of august the Prinsengrachtconcert took place, which is perhaps the most unique classical music concert in the Netherlands.

Every year, at the heart of the Prinsengracht a stage is placed in the water, where each year a different soloist is asked to perform. This year Ann Hallenberg from Sweden had the honour. The concert is freely accesible for the public and what makes it so unique, is the fact that you can take your boat to attend the concert. In addition to all the boats the bridges, streets  and even windows are also filled with people who are looking to enjoy the music.

The closing song is never a surprise, because this will be “aan de Amsterdamse grachten” (at the Amsterdam canals) by Wim Sonneveld. The moment this song is started everyone will sing along, goosebumps guaranteed!

If you wish to be there for next year’s edition, make sure you sail your boat there on time, the number of boats allowed is limited!

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