Boat Game together with your friends or colleagues experience it!

You sail your own electric sloop with your colleagues or friends as crew. This Boat Game is a unique and exciting competition in which you pass the most beautiful places of Amsterdam, Utrecht or Leiden while puzzling.

  • Game can be personalized
  • Possible from 18 to 240 people
  • Live score board!
  • Each team has its own iPad
  • There can and should be sabotage
  • Fun prize for the winners
  • Many expansion possibilities
  • Each sloop a separate route
  • An unforgettable afternoon!

The personalized boat game

In Amsterdam, Utrecht or Leiden!

This Boat Game is an interactive game where you sail past all the famous and beautiful spots of the city during an interactive game using an iPad.

The group is divided into teams, with which you must solve riddles, play mini-games and answer assignments and photo questions. The coordinates of the next location are given only when the answer is correct! You can also thwart the other team by bombing the other team’s iPad. You can chat with the other team and you will see a live intermediate score during the game. You can choose to have a nice dinner after this exciting game, after the award ceremony of course!

Each team appoints a captain, a navigator and, of course, the rest of the crew. No license is required to drive the sloop, so who can maneuver through the canals the best? Who is a navigator and who pours the drinks on board and provides the fun on board?

The program can be adapted to your colleagues or the company itself. Questions can be added as desired and you can add fun “did you know thats” for example.

Other expansion possibilities are a cooler bag and a snack bag on board the sloop, a subsequent dinner or another outing such as a guided tour or a tasting. Everything is possible in consultation. Afterwards you can still enjoy the outing when you receive all the pictures.

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    Our boats

    Our ironclad electric sloops are easy to drive. They accommodate 12 people during the race, and because you’re sailing electrically, the boat barely makes any noise! Check out all the funfacts:

    Why a company day out at Sloepdelen is a good idea

    • Possible from 18 to 240 people
    • Silent boats, so nice chatting along the way
    • Fun combination of boating, sightseeing, fun and funny competition elements.
    • Possible from 1.5 to 6 hours of boating!
    • The content of the tour is customizable to your liking
    • Highly rated package!

    Get in the mood

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