2 hour Canaltour

nassaukade amsterdam

Great spring weekend ahead, with 15 to 20 degrees expected on Sunday!

After the stormy weather last weekend,  expectations for next weekend are great, next Sunday temperatures can rise up to 20 degrees. Saturday we expect about 15 to 17 degrees, but according to the forecast on Sunday we can expect even better weather. After a cold month of March, in which the weather was below average, we are looking forward to next weekend. Finally this winter belongs to the past! This of course is a nice opportunity to go out on the water.…
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Fleet expansion

The Sloepdelen fleet has been expanded again, and the first boats that were built this winter are already in the water. The boats are lowered so you will be able to pass bridges easier, and also have a bigger storage space, suited for 6 cushions. Especially for the cities of Haarlem and Leiden these adjustments are really helpful, as you can pass really low bridges more easily. Also the boat holds 6 cushions, which are life-saving appliances for up to 12 persons and obligatory.…
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zomers voorjaarsweer

Sunny weather !

Spring has entered early this year and brings us stable and sunny weather. Everybody is happy and the canals are being filled with more and more boats. Of course we hope the nice and beautiful weather will continue, but if it is bad weather or rains when you have booked your boat, you can always reschedule without additional costs to another date/time. In Amsterdam and Utrecht, the boats are ready to go all year round. In the city of Haarlem…
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