The summer of ’18

What did you do during the summer of 2018? This is a question that we might ask eachother in 20 years or so, because what an incredible summer it has been so far and the end is not yet in sight..

Delightful temperatures and not a drop of rain in the sky. Normally we might have 2 or 3 weeks per year with these conditions, but this year we are being spoiled with weather conditions we can only wish for when on holiday, but now we find it at home.

So make sure you make the most out of it, so that when your (grand)children ask you years from now what you did during the tropical summer of 2018 you can tell them you enjoyed every second of it. From placing a pool on your balcony to spending the night on the beach and from eating ice cream for 100 days straight to sailing through the most beautiful canals of the Netherlands.

So put your favourite drinks in the fridge and rally your friends and family, you never know what kind of summer we will have next year..

Have fun on the water!

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Enjoy these typical dutch snacks on board of one of our boats. From now on, it is possible to order warm snacks that get delivered to you only when starting your trip at Nassaukade 69 in Amsterdam. You can choose out of meatballs, vegan balls and cheese sticks.
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The Mooie Nel

The meaning of “mooi” is “beautiful”, and like the name states, the Mooie Nel is a beautiful piece of Haarlem’s nature. Besides a good route trough the city centre, making a sailing trip over the Mooie Nel is definitely worth it!
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De Kaag

During this beautiful weather, sailing though the city of Leiden may be too short of a trip. Maybe you can go up to the Kaag, where the beautiful silence of nature bring peace in the air. The greenery and countryside of Leiden will be a good alternative to the busy city centre.
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