Summer is here!

Summer is finally here! The past couple of days have been great, but coming week promises 7 days of summer!

Temperatures exceeding 25 degrees, it took some patience, but the sunglasses and flipflops are finally here to stay.

This weather simply begs to take a boat, but when you do, keep the following in mind:

  • Sunscreen! It is common knowledge that the sun is stronger when on the water, but do not underestimate it and smear yourself (or eachother) in
  • Water: Make sure to drink enough (non-alcoholic!) to keep yourself hydrated
  • Cooler box: There is no cooler on our boats, so if you want to enjoy a nice cold beer, a cooler box is highly recommended
  • Fully charged phone: You simply can not make too many enviable selfies when you are on a boat in the sun

Have fun on the water!

Vrienden varen met Sloepdelen Bootje

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Varen Sloepdelen gezin

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