Enjoy all the beautiful sights Haarlem has to offer

Go out on a boat in Haarlem.

Sail around in Haarlem, a beautiful old city with lots of water going through and surrounding it making it perfect for traversing the city with a Sloepdelen boat.

The “Spaarnestad” is part of the Standing Mast Route, a thoroughfare for sailing ships and motor yachts with a mast or build up height of over 6 meter. You can gaze at all the great ships that come sailing past. Haarlem is part of the western route that connects the “Oude Wetering” at Roelofarendsveen with the North Sea Canal.  In short: a unique experience!

Already saw Haarlem? Try a Sloepdelen boat in Amsterdam,Leiden or Utrecht!

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Sail through the unique luminary spectacle in Amsterdam!

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Celebrate your wedding on board at Sloepdelen

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Our new location in The Hague

Discover our newest location In recent years, The Hague has invested in opening up old waterways, so you can now cruise the most beautiful routes through the old city center. Explore the beautiful canals and cruise past old defense gates. Discover historical stories that took place along the water, from Jan Steen to Hendrik Jut! During the city tour you will discover the ancient canals of The Hague. Discover the historic city center of The Hague and spot for example…
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